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Windy City Rails 2015 Retrospective

I attended my first Windy City Rails conference last week, and it was a good time. Got to meet some of the folks from other local companies as well as a few from San Francisco. Every talk brought something good to the table, but here’s the few biggest takeaways I had.

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Photo Cropper Interfaces

Designing usable and intuitive interfaces can be challenging. Here I discuss some of the considerations I made in creating a photo cropper interface.

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What does DPI mean for images on the web?

Dots per inch (DPI) is something you'll see talked about often with images. Put simply, dots per inch is a printing term that refers to how many dots of ink would cross an inch on physical paper. Simple enough. But this isn't relevant for displaying images on screens. False information abounds, and display is complicated enough on its own.

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Happy 2015!

Wishing our clients, our vendors, and our creative partners a very prosperous 2015!  See the inside story on our holiday card this year.

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