We solve complex problems simply, beautifully, and effectively.

Do you know that sigh of relief when you finally find someone who knows how to help? When you see a familiar landmark after circling around, lost? The adrenaline burst when a traffic jam clears? Partnering with Neoteric is like that. We act as a trusted guide, helping our clients get to the next level.

Smart and experienced.

We have the experience and the strategic mindset to unpack complicated, unique challenges and solve them with systems that work right.

Reliable and trustworthy.

We build rock-solid software that inspires confidence, on time and on budget.

Strategic and pragmatic.

Our digital strategy process uncovers and clarifies project needs, for today and for the next three years. From there we hit the ground running. We transform overwhelming, uncertain, dreaded digital projects into inspiring successes.

Clear and straightforward.

We communicate clearly, honestly, and often. We care about our clients’ success.


More than 15 years ago, Nick started Neoteric Design to solve business workflow problems, online. We focused on redesigns, because there was a lot of frustrating, broken, ugly work out there, and it was driving us crazy.


We don’t waste people’s time. We don’t create linkbait. We don’t want to create products that absorb even more of people’s valuable time, things that have them looking even deeper into screens big or small, and less at each other, their neighborhoods, and communities.

We want to inspire people, get them what they need, quickly, and when they need it — so they can go out and experience the world, armed with just a bit more knowledge to make their experiences better. We solve real problems for our clients. We sort through confusion and anxiety, and transform that into products that solve problems and work well.