Our mission

is to cultivate sustainable, positive changes in people’s work and life through technology.

Our values

Do good work

Choose value: we choose work that creates value, not waste.

Build for confidence: right modeling, extensive testing, and quality assurance grounds our confidence in our work.

Think long term: we solve today’s problems while thinking of our clients’ future vision, as well as our future selves.

Put the user first

Advocate for customers: we talk to the users of our products, and champion their needs, desires, and frustrations.

Simplify the complex: we push the burden of complexity from the user to the system, and make thoughtful easy-to-use interfaces.

Make it accessible: we ensure our systems are a pleasure to read and use regardless of ability or device.

Be honest

Be clear: don’t obscure communication with jargon or fluff.

Cultivate respect: we acknowledge and celebrate the expertise and perspective each of us brings to the team, and that our clients bring to their projects.

Be transparent: we stand by our commitments and are clear about what we can and cannot do.

Foster our culture

Build expertise: we are constantly learning — we share and contribute what we’ve experienced with the community at large.

Cultivate collaboration: we use our space, and communicate when working remote, for productive meetings focused on ideas, not updates.

Work sustainably: we work hard while at work, and value our balanced lives and relationships outside of work.

Prepare for change

Make it adaptable: software in its nature is never static.

Be disciplined: we work hard today in testing, documentation, and systematic practices, so our future selves will thank us.

Continuously improve: in incremental, small ways, we ensure each day and week is better than the week before.