Webinar: How to Plan your Next CMS Content Migration

Have you worked on a website redesign, focused on the “fun parts” of visual design, and during the weeks before launch found your content doesn’t fit well or won’t easily migrate from your old CMS? Are you looking for tools, templates, and methods to make your next migration work smoothly?

We can help. In this webinar Nicholas Gracilla, Principal at Neoteric Design, outlines how he helps clients prepare for a content migration. He’ll share experiences, practical advice, tools, templates, and workflows that can be readily adopted for your next content migration. Fluff free and value laden, you’ll gain real usable strategies and presentable documents ready to use for your next project. 



Date: September 8th, 2pm CDT

Who will benefit 

This webinar is design for marketing and communications managers, content producers, and client teams responsible for working with agencies on a website redesign. If you’re facing a site redesign and migration soon, this webinar will provide immediately usable tools and workflows. If you’re thinking about a CMS re-platform and site redesign in the future, you’ll gain valuable insight into the newest trends in content management. 

Topics covered

  • Assessing your current content effectiveness with analytics
  • Planning your migration: what stays, what stays behind
  • Evaluating your current content status and CMS
  • Considering content management advancements: responsive, modular, and adaptive content
  • Common migration problems and how to avoid them

About Neoteric Design

Neoteric Design creates multichannel content management systems for universities, museums, and cultural institutions. We help organizations publish to websites, content networks, ebooks, apps, and more, all from a single source. We’ve had more than 15 years of site redesign experience, and have helped dozens of clients lead successful content migrations.