Apprenticeship Week 5

By Matthew Cowie  ·   May 1, 2013  ·  2 minute read

Topics: Apprenticeship

Heads down development all week!

Matthew Cowie was Neoteric Design’s spring 2013 apprentice, learning topics in backend development, database design, and Ruby on Rails. He continued on to become Neoteric’s developer.

This week was mostly heads down development on the project calendar app.  Monday I took the time to change how the timeline was calculated, making things more dynamic so it could work with arbitrary start dates. A lot of the hard-coding was removed so down the line it should be able to handle arbitrary spans of time with just a tad of fuss. But for now it works off one year (previous quarter, current, and next two), with the option to pick a year from a dynamically populated list. With some initial help from Aitch I got the AJAX functions for live updating time slots wired up. Between that and tweaking some other bits he wrote I got a better feel for Coffeescript. I also picked up some basic tricks in the SASS playbook like using loops and variables in styles.

Bugfixes, visual tweaks, and small feature implementations kept me busy the rest of the week. Being in a fairly usable state wednesday morning I did I quick user test with Nick and got his feedback about what he liked and some features to put in next week. And at the end of the day I got to demo it for the whole team and got more ideas for some more advanced UX things to put in down the line. It’s good to see such enthusiasm for something you created!

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