Apprenticeship Week 7

By Matthew Cowie  ·   May 15, 2013  ·  2 minute read

Topics: Apprenticeship

Deploy and Clean up

Matthew Cowie was Neoteric Design’s spring 2013 apprentice, learning topics in backend development, database design, and Ruby on Rails. He continued on to become Neoteric’s developer.

After last week’s successful demo, it was deemed the app was ready to start to be used.  Monday morning Joe and I wrapped it in authentication with Devise. Fairly straightforward and simpler than expected. Then he showed me the setup for deploying on to Heroku. After finangling that together the app went live and Nick started content loading and putting it to use that day. I found a bug that cropped up from the code review and refactoring, so we took the opportunity to write a few cucumber/rspec tests, something that had been sadly largely neglected for this project. The controller came out clean which lead to tracking down the culprit, a call off the wrong collection in a view. If there’s time next week it would be prudent to write more tests, I learned a lot about my code from just the one. And more practice writing tests wouldn’t hurt in the least. With a lack of more ‘features’ to implement at this point I took the rest of monday and tuesday to further polish and clarify some of the code, as well as the interface. Touching up bits of rough corners in feedback and language as pointed out by Nick and Joe as they poked at the app.

Wednesday was an Internal day at the office, so I used the time to brush up on things mentioned in passing I was curious about. I ran through vimtutor so I can now make my way around it instead of it confusing and enraging me. I also read up a bit on ActiveAdmin and Foundation to get a better idea of what exactly they do. I collected a handful of cheat sheets from Cheatography to have at the ready. Vim, Sublime Text, Git, Regex, CoffeeScript, and others. Should be more useful and somewhat faster than the standard Google search. That afternoon I looked over my code a bit more and watched some more screencasts on various Ruby hazards and refactoring methods.

One week left in the program!

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