Apprenticeship Week 8

By Matthew Cowie  ·   May 22, 2013  ·  2 minute read

Topics: Apprenticeship


Matthew Cowie was Neoteric Design’s spring 2013 apprentice, learning topics in backend development, database design, and Ruby on Rails. He continued on to become Neoteric’s developer.

Picking up from last week, I started the week by writing more tests for Project Calendar. It helped expose a few tiny bugs and increased my confidence in the code. I also took the opportunity to some of the last remnants of hard coded limits from it. One of the more opaque methods also kept it only able to render exactly one year at a time. So I rewrote it taking advantage some of the other handy helper methods I had made along the way after it was originally made. The utility may come in handy but the newfound clarity of code likely will be the real value. With that app stable and in use, I’ve begun to work out some more “v2” features, like a printable view and a smarter display of data, which will likely require some extensive rewriting of the front end.

Tuesday afternoon I paired with Joe as he fixed up some tests on an older project and wednesday started a new one to work on for the coming weeks. I’m taking our existing time tracking application and adding in the ability to track employee’s vacation and personal time off. Calculating some of these values is proving to be an interesting problem! 

And that concludes my official apprenticeship period. It’s been a very valuable, insightful experience. I came in knowing little Ruby and no Rails at all, and now am confident enough to start and work on projects and applications. I look forward to applying and expanding this knowledge in the future. It’s also been great to get some experience in a small office like this one and learn and observe about how things get done on a small team. 

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