The Coding Dojo visits Neoteric Design

By Nicholas Gracilla  ·   August 2, 2017  ·  1 minute read

Topics: Culture

Around 20 developers-in-training visited Neoteric to learn about work life at a small software firm.

What is work life like at a small software firm? What makes for a great resume website? What kinds of personalities work well—and don’t work well—in a small work team? What are some advantages and disadvantages of making a career at a boutique firm, versus Uber or Groupon? Why would someone hire a boutique firm, versus a large firm? 

These are just some of the tough questions 20-some junior software developers-in-training asked Nick, Peter, and Matthew during an hour-long chat that brought them up to our loft. We had a great time sharing our experiences over the past nearly 20 years and talked about software teams, what makes for great clients (and tough ones, too); how job responsibilities are shared and distributed, and how to create a great resume website. 

Thanks to Michael Bogdanski, site captain and lead instructor at Coding Dojo. What started as a chat in the elevator lead to a great talk and free book giveaway, too!

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