The Neoteric Content Management System.

We've rethought how to publish to the web, and everywhere else.

Tell your stories, as you like.

Editors are free to work with media elements—text, videos, image galleries, pull quotes, asides and more. Two column, three column, sidebars, and margin-free layouts are all possible on any page. And every layout and media element supports responsive mobile.

Manage images, like a ninja.

Revolutionary: store high-resolution images with metadata, tags, and captions, so finding that perfect image is never a chore. Layouts specify size requirements and editors can crop right in the browser. Placed images can be edited, adjusted, and reused, and everything is visually linked together. Image production nirvana!

Publish, anywhere.

We’ve taken the time to structure, style, and layout content right—so the Neoteric CMS can publish to content platforms like Apple News or Google Accelerated Mobile Pages; offline documents like PDFs, eBooks, or MOBI; and native mobile apps, exhibition interactives, or large screen displays.

Reliable, safe, and tested.

Built on the open source Ruby on Rails framework, with highly reliable open source components and extensively tested, modular custom code. Hosted at Heroku, the best platform for building software with modern architectures, with 99.996% uptime — read more.

Intelligent content handling.

Proper content modeling means we handle sophisticated event calendars and museum exhibition archives; medical article libraries and geo-located mapping systems. It uses business rules for intelligent related content, sidebars, and archives. We never shoehorn content into a “blog” title and body.

No CMS lock in, ever.

In our content-first CMS, content is always available to editors, at any time, without technical database help from developers. Smart export functions provide plain text, Word, or CSV file formats. And it's real content, not an unusable format, that's simply structured to maintain meaning, and cleansed of styling or layout.

"We offer a very large amount of information on our site and feature hundreds of organization listings and associated events, and because of this the project was quite challenging. We also use our site to produce our print publication, so the back/administrative end had to work perfectly for our deadline and content-focused projects. The new site helps us reach new readers, organize information about the arts community, communicate news and editorial in new ways, and it was mobile ready right out of the box. 

We have been very pleased with our new site and the chances to continue to work together to stay on top of new ideas and digital developments."

Ginny Van Alyea, publisher, Chicago Gallery News

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