Web application strategy, design, and development

We build software that streamlines workflow, engages audiences, and gets work done.

Neoteric Design makes digital platforms that help businesses, universities, and cultural institutions streamline workflow, engage their audiences, and get work done. We're experts at building complex systems. 

Triangular chart that highlights four levels of digital platforms

business workflow and database redesigns

Organizations grow and change: internal systems can get out of sync with new goals. Database redesigns rebuild software systems and optimize workflows for new needs.

Client services:
customer portals, partner portals

Portals enable different users to manage documents, tasks, payments, and more securely. They help teams to collaborate, focus, and get work done.

Customer engagement:
online interactions

Recommendation engines, online payments, event registrations, and learning management systems help customers move past just reading about your brand.

complex content management systems

When websites grow past blog-style products, a custom CMS keeps order. It enables rich content models, custom development, integrations, and multi-platform publishing. 

Our platforms create: 

  • A secure framework that cultivates interactions between different audiences—
    internal and external, staff, partners, and customers; 
  • A set of technologies on which we build applications and workflows; 
  • A means of integrating separate databases, systems, and apps.

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