JAMstack: the architecture of the modern web

There’s a new way to build content-driven websites. They are lightning fast, more secure, easier to edit, and handle growth like a pro. What’s not to love?

The problem

The modern web architecture alternative

Hosting dynamic sites is complicated by the need for database storage (and backups) as well as support for whatever dynamic language the site is built upon (PHP, Ruby, etc.) Factor in the need for regular updates to the dynamic language, database solution and even the CMS software itself, and it becomes rather obvious that, while dynamic sites solve many difficult problems, they bring with them their own set of complications.

Brian Rinaldi
O’Reilly Media, Static Site Generators

More secure

Lightning fast

Robust and reliable

Archival quality content storage

Automatic, save-by-save backups

Ready for future innovations

Nick and his team at Neoteric helped us make sense of our content in a forward looking way — with online tools and options we didn’t even know we needed. With his experience and keen organizational skills, Nick helped us weed through pain points of our former site.

John McKinnon
Executive Director, Elmhurst Art Museum

Considering how to modernize your web architecture?

We’ve written a jargon-free, in depth series of articles on the benefits and risks of the JAMstack architecture. It is geared towards organization leaders and decisionmakers. It’s free — of cost, obligations, and relentless sales pitches. See if JAMstack can solve your challenges.

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