Business technology consulting

We help businesses adapt to change and be more profitable by modernizing their technology infrastructure

We use a systems-thinking approach to diagnose root problems. We help our clients build robust platforms that are modular, integrated, and designed to change over time.

  • Build business capacity

    We help businesses meet the demands of new and changing markets. We plan migrations from redudant or legacy systems, and build new technology-enabled services.
  • Strengthen confidence and competence

    We create North Star plans that clarify where where the business is headed and what's on the horizon. We sort out broken and frustrating workflows and grow organizations' capabilities.

  • Create business intelligence

    We design systems that generate valuable data around services, products, and trends. We help our clients adopt a learning mindset that generates market growth.
  • Reduce risks and costs

    We help optimize and automate business operations, eliminate redudant workflows, and reduce the risk of unaddressed privacy and security practices.
I consider Nick and the Neoteric team true partners, particularly in the early stages when defining requirements. He brings insights and guidance from his many years of experience building software systems. He produces elegant solutions to complex requirements.
Christina Timmins
Kinship Foundation

Services and capabilities

Map complex IT systems

By building system architecture maps, we uncover silos and redundancies that hamper growth and the ability to adapt.

Model customer journeys

We sort out complex processes and customer journeys. We help our clients create digital experiences that work.

Define software specifications

We have a pragmatic, agile approach to defining software objectives, requirements, and product plans.

Assess security practices

We help organizations identify security problems, establish priorities and next steps, and adopt a security mindset that reduces risks.

Plan software implementations

Not everything can be done at once. We create implementation plans that deliver value quickly and incrementally.

Reimagine software delivery

We help teams adopt agile approaches to development and delivery, with an emphasis on engineering quality, security, and documentation.

Our Approach

Open minded
Our perspective is rooted in engineering quality: but we don't drive our consulting engagements to sell a solution. We take a Socratic approach to uncover the truth and the pragmatic next steps to improvement.
We're IT experts and collaborative communicators. Our organization-wide interviews celebrate successes, bubble up challenges, and build consensus around future solutions.
Designed to adapt to change
Technology is always in flux; business models rapidly change. Companies can lead in their innovation efforts when they own their data without software lock-in, and are ready to adopt new processes and systems.
Even the longest journey begins with a single step. We're always asking ourselves and our clients, "What can be delivered that's valuable—in the next two weeks?" Agile approaches build confidence, adapt to change, and flush out problems early.

If you struggle with how it all fits together
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