Software Engineering

They are a masterful group of thinkers and doers. They build clean, well-constructed, flexible apps that reduce noise and make work approachable, breezy, even fun, but above all useful.
Max Callahan
Siegel & Callahan, PC

We have deep expertise in modern frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Typescript, and Hugo

Our technologies emphasize productivity, security, and maintainability, which means high-quality work for our clients.

  • Build right: a focus on software quality

    Our mission to to develop software that is

    • fit: well designed to solve the problems at hand
    • adaptable: can be changed to fit new problem variations and not tied to a specific solution
    • secure: is written to reduce vulnerability risk due to poor practices or architecture
    • maintainable: tested, well structured, documented and clear
    • transferrable: can be given to another team for ongoing development
  • Plan well: domain modeling

    When building complex software, we use domain modeling to represent real-world concepts, data, and processes. We create a shared language with non-technical stakeholders to ensure we're building the right solution to their problems.
  • Deploy smart: reliable cloud-based servers

    We have years of experience working with cloud-based hosting services like Heroku and Amazon AWS. Recently, we've invested in microservice and "serverless" hosting with Netlify.
  • Sleep well: automated testing and monitoring

    We use automated test suites, continuous integration, and continuous delivery with RSpec, Cucumber, and GitLab CI/CD. Reporting services like Raygun and Papertrail warn of us outages and attacks, while analytics like New Relic help us tune app performance.
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EXPO CHICAGO's web app handles exhibitor applications, event registrations, bar code scans, marketing, and more.

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We're driven by quality.