Software Engineering

We have a relentless focus on delivering software quality

Our company culture motivates us to do great work in a disciplined, sustainable fashion. It leads to reduced stress and high-quality work for our clients.

  • Fit and Adaptable

    We build software that's well-designed to solve the problem at hand. We also have our eye on the future, too, ensuring our systems can be adapted to new challenges and variations.
  • Secure

    In today's climate, software security is of paramount concern. We build with automated security testing, to reduce the risk of poor practices, or out of date components.
  • Maintainable

    Whether it's our team or someone else — at some point, someone will need to maintain the system. We build with pride. Everything we create is well-tested, well-structured, documented, and clear.
  • Transferrable

    Well-engineered projects can be easily given to another team for ongoing development — or to onboard a second team to work on more features. Nothing is 'locked-up' in one teammember's head.
I love that they follow Scrum and XP engineering practices. They are happy to review the backend stuff, like unit tests, with me if I ask. Their work is always rock solid. This translates to trust. I trust them implicitly.
Mitch Lacey, PMP, CST, ACP
Scrum Trainer, Agile Coach and Author
CRM • Client portal • Events Management and Registration


EXPO CHICAGO's web app handles exhibitor applications, event registrations, bar code scans, marketing, and more.

Our approach

Sleep well: automated testing and monitoring
We use automated test suites, continuous integration, and continuous delivery with RSpec, Cucumber, and GitLab CI/CD. Reporting services warn of us outages and attacks, while analytics help us tune performance.
Plan well: domain modeling
We use domain modeling to represent real-world processes. We create a shared language with non-technical stakeholders to ensure we're building the right solution for their problems.
Build right: software quality and pride
Well built software, made with care and quality, is like a great book. It's a joy to plan, to build, and to read. It's a joy to work with; it's deeply satisfying. It's ready to be adapted to change over time, without dread or anxiety.
Deploy smart: reliable cloud-based servers
We have years of experience working with cloud-based hosting services like Heroku and Amazon AWS. And now, we're experts in microservices, "serverless" hosting, and API-driven systems.

From web apps to services and integrations
We're driven by quality.