EXPO CHICAGO, the International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art, has established the city of Chicago as a preeminent art fair destination. Dedicated to rigorous and challenging programming, EXPO CHICAGO initiates strategic international partnerships, built alongside strong institutional relationships with major local museums and organizations to open parallel exhibitions and events.


  • Develop a flexible, easy to manage CMS for marketing and communications

  • Migrate and grow a custom CRM for exhibitor applications and portals

  • Develop a custom CRM-driven event registration system

  • Relaunch during a critical, can’t fail year with unmovable timelines

I am extremely proud of the breadth of our international programming and curatorial initiatives this year, alongside our global collector and museum engagement.
Tony Karman
President, Director, EXPO CHICAGO


We planned a multi-year digital strategy and completed critical goals in year one: we built a new digital platform for marketing and communications, exhibitor operations, and customer services. We developed the CMS, CRM, event registration system, and multiple portals, all during a critical, can’t fail year with an unmovable launch timeline.

In the following years, we built additional features for EXPO CHICAGO business units: registration systems, exhibitor applications, and event management.


  • The CMS enables staff to manage hundreds of pages, rich media, content archives, and complex navigation systems easily

  • The events management system supports thousands of RSVPs with rosters, customer personalized agendas, and multiple registration mechanisms

  • Roles-based user accounts create portals for document management, timelines, and public-facing exhibitor profiles

  • The rebuilt CRM provides complex handling of contacts and relationship history, with customized imports and exports for bar code scanning data maintenance

We are proud to welcome this extraordinary list of international exhibitors and look forward to a robust week of exhibition openings and events.
Tony Karman
President, Director EXPO CHICAGO

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