Nick and the Neoteric team helped us take the tool we envisioned from a rough idea to reality. His ability to uncover the real challenges the end-users faced, and come up with a solution that integrated seamlessly into our project, made a dramatic difference.
Dawn Putney
President & Lead Strategist, Toolbox Creative


The rules to qualify for affordable housing are very complex and involve household size, income, personal experiences, and more. In partnership with Toolbox Creative, we built an interactive component that helps people step through the complex process with a simple multi-step survey.


  • Transform a complex process into a friendly experience

  • Adapt to future business rule changes readily

  • Develop a portable component for any website or CMS

  • Mobile-first design and development



We analyzed the business case and developed a simple four-step user experience, driven by complex rules around income restriction, family size, and more. We abstracted the business rules into a configuration system, so that future changes are easy to implement. Finally, we developed an entirely self-contained front-end component in Javascript, designed to be added to any website or CMS.


  • Families have a dramatically improved experience, compared to prior complex, error-prone, hard-to-understand forms

  • The tool is a hallmark feature of the housing authority's rebranded website

  • The agency team easily incorporated the tool into their existing systems and can handle updates without code changes

  • Thousands use the tool on a regular basis to find safe, appropriate housing

... everyone in our community deserves a safe place to live that they can afford and call home. Consistent, stable housing is the foundation for self-sufficiency, financial security, wellness, academic success and quality of life. With it, our residents and our community thrive together.


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