Nick has a rare ability to distill a project to its critical elements, to think precisely and incisively about what needs drive the project — and then to execute efficiently on that plan.
Max Callahan
Partner, Siegel & Callahan


Siegel & Callahan works in the complex arena of commercial property tax law, specializing in cases with complex valuation issues and changing regulations.

One of their digital transformation initiatives strives to develop easier, more flexible, automated electronic payments for clients.


  • Develop a secure, private client payment portal

  • Provide a flexible range of balance payment options

  • Enable automated, scheduled monthly payments



We built the client payment portal with a test-first, security-forward mindset. Payments schedules can be configured with or without interest, and calculated on number of payments or per-payment amounts. Clients receive email notifications of pending payments and their overall status. We integrated Stripe to handle payment processing.


  • The client payment portal handles thousands of scheduled transactions

  • The client success team has a flexible, robust financial tool to help service client accounts

  • The AR team has been freed from mundane tasks, to focus on higher-value client services

We know payments.
Our expertise with client portals can have you running, fast.